Ensuring the smile, joy, and carefree nature of our children is possible through support in crisis situations for ill and underprivileged children, as well as their families.
We are not silent observers, and we are aware of the limitations that institutions may have. Therefore, we create opportunities for the broader community to engage, ensuring that compassionate individuals who wish to support our efforts have the means to do so.
We take pride in the diversity of cultures and beliefs among all citizens of Serbia, firmly believing that every difference can be overcome with the same desire and intentions. We believe that these differences can connect us, enabling us to persevere in the efforts we invest.
Each individual is important to us, and every task is a priority. We believe that only by working together can we secure the rights of our children to a better life and a brighter future.


The future cannot be predicted, but we will do everything to ensure that all children in Serbia have it. We believe in only one future: a future in which children grow up with dignity. This future can be realized by creating a circle of support for those who require and need our assistance.
The involvement of all citizens ensures equality and guaranteed rights for every child's future, regardless of the family's financial status and societal circumstances.
Happy and carefree children are the secure foundation for the future of any nation in the world. With perseverance, support, empathy, and understanding from the entire community, we build each individual and, in turn, build ourselves. By assessing progress and with continuous work, along with prioritizing our goals, we are determined to create a better Serbia for all citizens, especially for our children.


Healthy, happy, and carefree children are our sole objective.
We will achieve this through the improvement of social and health care for children in Serbia, implementing various humanitarian activities.
Providing support to ill children and their families for treatment, medical care, and recovery, as well as promoting and enhancing the child healthcare system in Serbia, is the fundamental goal of our
The future and life opportunities of children in Serbia, not determined by poverty, severe illnesses, living conditions, location, nationality, or religion, represent our secure path toward a healthy and
successful society. We have a goal, and in the end, we accept only one reward – the smiles and joy on the faces of those who need us. Those smiles and that joy are priceless, and their value is known only to those who, by helping others, have become proud owners of many smiles.



Sergej Trifunović
Verica Šegan


Sergej Trifunović - President BOD (actor)
Svetislav Basara (writer)
Aleksandar Dojčinović
Biljana Lukić (journalist)